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Norges skatteblogg

Norway's Tax Blog – tax, VAT and legal matters

Norway's Tax Blog – tax, VAT and legal matters

Digital Taxation - Webcast

It is proposed to eliminate the differential VAT rates in the current VAT-regime

Revised National budget 2019 – Corporate taxation, VAT and personal taxation

US Tax Reform - Webcast

UK and Swiss Tax Reform - Webcast

New Norwegian Source Tax System effective from 2019

Amendments in the Norwegian Limited Liability Companies Act with effect from 1 January 2019 and 1 March 2019

New rules for web-shops trading with Norwegian customers

Changes to the Norwegian interest deduction limitation rules

National Budget 2019 - Corporate taxation, VAT and personal taxation

Worldwide tax summaries 2018/2019 - just published!

How to handle VAT in the digital world? Current EU VAT rules and upcoming changes in the EU

Revised National budget 2018 – Corporate taxation, VAT and personal taxation

Does Country-by-Country Reporting notification apply to branches?

Tax treaties need a safety valve

Introduction of SAF-T in Norway postponed to 2020. Don't panic!

ESA has approved the Norwegian tonnage tax regime for a new 10 years period

Postponement of new documentation requirements for reduced withholding tax

U.S. Senate approves tax reform bill with amendments

Proposed changes to the Norwegian tonnage tax regime: Signals from ESA for transitional rules making it possible to adjust to the proposed limitations on chartering out on bareboat terms etc.

PwC Nordic FS Tax & VAT Event 2017

New requirements for applying a reduced dividend withholding tax rate

National budget 2018 - Corporate taxation, VAT and personal taxation

VAT registration obligation in Norway for foreign suppliers?

Valuable tax and VAT information in more than 150 countries

New advisory opinion from the EFTA Court opens the door for cross border group contributions with tax effect

The Multilateral instrument for implementation of BEPS measures is signed

Country-by-Country notification in Norway

Revised national budget 2017 - Corporate taxation, VAT and personal taxation

Proposed amendment to the Norwegian Interest Deduction Limitations

Where is a company Tax resident?

Changes in the Polish VAT law - 4 important updates for traders registered for VAT in Poland

VAT treatment of management of funds – new guidelines

Norwegian IKEA debt pushdown and transfer pricing case - english translation

Tax rates and regulations in 155 countries

Import VAT – New procedures from 2017

State budget 2017: Suggested changes in personal taxation

State budget 2017 - Changes in Corporate taxation and introduction of financial activities tax

SAF-T – new reporting obligations that are sweeping across Europe

Watch our video on the European Commission's recent State aid decision

Air passenger tax – Do the authorities have control?

EC final decision on State aid granted to Apple in Ireland

Large businesses in the UK: publish your tax strategy

IRS publish final regulations on confidential Country-by-Country Reporting

ECOFIN agrees EU-wide rules in Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive

OECD Council approves incorporation of BEPS amendments into the Transfer Pricing Guidelines

OECD releases standardised electronic format for the exchange of BEPS Country-by-Country Reports

OECD releases discussion draft on the multilateral instrument to implement the tax-treaty related BEPS measures

How should the Country-by-Country Reporting rules be applied to investment funds?

Introduction of OECD and EU Country-by-Country-reporting creates confusion

Doing business in Norway - how to comply with Norwegian tax rules..?!

Special payroll tax for the financial sector in Norway?

Air passenger excise duty will be introduced in two weeks

Revised national budget 2016 - Corporate taxation, VAT and personal taxation

Rules on accelerated depreciations of wind power plants: Adjusted date of implementation

New VAT return from 2017 – simplifications for the VAT liable businesses?

VAT registration obligations in Norway for non-established suppliers

It’s time to file your tax return. What information are you actually obliged to give?

Intra-group transactions under scrutiny by the customs authorities

45 years in technological doze

Are you ready to report VAT electronically April 10 2016?

Borderless commuting – a new work trend with increasing fiscal challenges

The Norwegian rules for good tax sense: Skattevettreglene

VAT exemption for electronic news services – expansion from 1 March 2016

The Norwegian tax system is changing as a result of BEPS

Taxation of shareholder loans as dividends

Cultural awareness in the work place creates value

Minimum wage requirements in Norway

Human Capital in transactions

New rules and rates for 2016 - Corporate taxation, VAT and personal taxation