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Norway's Tax Blog – tax, VAT and legal matters

Norway's Tax Blog – tax, VAT and legal matters

Rita Cecilie Kjexrud

My name is Rita Cecilie Kjexrud, and my goal is to help companies who hire foreign employees to experience this as a valuable investment. Through my experience from the relocation business, I am able to contribute in making the foreign employee effective from day one, and to enable them to thrive in their new environment. Cultural awareness and understanding is a crucial part of this process. In addition to Relocation I have specialised in Immigration issues, which often is the first process to be conducted when hiring a foreign employee. I have worked in PwC since 2012, and have combined 8 years of experience within the Relocation field.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or comments.

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Cultural awareness in the work place creates value

By Rita Cecilie Kjexrud , 14-Mar-2016 22:44:00

A while back, I talked to a German lady whom was working in Norway. She told me about her first day of work in Norway, and how she had experienced something that caught her attention: she ran into the CEO in the office hallway…

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Areas of interest: Personal and payroll tax

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